When I woke up at 5am to get ready for my summer vacations, I checked my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter just like I usually do. I was more than ready to leave vibrant Berlin for two weeks, to just relax and stay away from my everyday stress.

Lady Gaga was all over my timeline as I scrolled down and checked my mentions, comments and likes.
PERFECT ILLUSION OUT NOW“ was all over it.

When I first heard her new record, I immediately fell in love. Not just with her amazingly talented voice, her melodies or her new sound (which I absolute adore #YASGAGA) but with the message throughout the song.

I listened to it like 24hrs straight and really got emotional while listening and thinking over it.

Are we, in our generation, forced to face perfect illusions everyday? And do we consider them as the new normal as they slide into our lives?

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I don’t mean our internet realities, where we all decorate our accounts with outsorted pictures and filters. We let people see what we want them to see, to consider that as our own individual reality. But how much reality can we actually give, when we more or less all deal with self confidence issues?

To be brutally honest, I struggle with self confidence a lot. I always hear a lot of compliments for my pictures or my videos on my social media accounts, but how far can I consider them as a real compliment? Do I take this for real? Or do we give people an illusion of our life, with the knowledge that this is just a visual lie?

As much as we do take care of our pictures and portrayal on social media, we do take care of our real character as well.
Don’t we all sometimes create illusions of our minds, and say yes to things we usually would consider as a „no“?

My parents raised me a an honest, loving and very human kid. I remember my dad always saying: „There are three things I can give you: education, honesty and a heart. What you do with it is what your morals will tell you“ – and he’s absolutely right.

But even though he was right, I got tricked so often. I tripped and fell down.

I bet that there’s a point in everyone’s life where they feel abused by people who didn’t deserve their kindness and kinda naive, yet warm heart.

I tremendously believe in karma, and that everyone gets what they deserve. But when does karma ignite it’s light? How often do we have to trip and fall, until WE get what we deserve: love?

I learned that I have to benefit and expect nothing from nobody. I have to benefit from my own person, and I expect my person to be the best I can be.

„Everything on top is a bonus“ a good friend once told me. And I could not agree more.

I stopped creating perfect illusions just to fit in to other people’s mindsets and portray myself as someone I’d never be.
If I want something, I go for it with all my heart. If I don’t, well you definitely recognize it pretty quick.

So, let me know what you guys think about it. Do we have to be perfect Illusions to please someone or fit in, or is the urge to be perfect just an obnoxious illusion?

If you haven’t listened to Gaga’s new single yet, check it out on Apple Music or Spotify
AND check out the music video which aires tonight in the USA, tomorrow in Germany!

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