– We were intrigued by the idea of developing exclusive high-tech materials and merge them with our aesthetic sense. We wanted the pieces to be unique and durable with an architectonic and structural design. This colaboration really has turned out better than we could ever have hoped for”

– Alexander Schaper, Design Director Man, Filippa K.


Tell us something about Filippa K and the launch of the high-tech outwear collection in collaboration with Monobi.

There are 3 key ingredients for Filippa K Man that we take in consideration when designing the collection: proportion, silhouette and functionality. The idea is to combine these elements and create a distinctive look that is very unique and modern. We want to give functionalism and style a new perception.
The limited edition that we are developing together with Monobi is the perfect symbiosis of all of that. We used high functional materials that are visually not dominated by its technology and created a selection of 5 high-end minimalistic outerwear pieces.


How did your personal background in sportswear influence the Filippa K look ?

I learned a lot about technical materials, modern manufacturing techniques and ergonomic pattern making during my time at adidas. That was great because during my studies the focus was lying more on an aesthetic education based on classic fashion design. To combine the benefits from both these sides is very exciting and creates the filippa k man look.


Sustainability plays a big role at Filippa K. How does it affect you as a designer and your private life?

It effects us a lot. During the design process we always have that in the back of our heads when we make our decisions…it starts with the size of the collection, how much products do we really need? The choice of fabrics, trimmings and colors, are they recycled, what colors or dying process have less impact on the environment? Pattern making, how can we use the wastage? And so on.


Where do you see menswear in general heading?

Menswear feels very young, casual and street driven at the moment. I think it will become a bit smarter again in the future by mixing more formal elements into that casual vibe.


What can we expect from Filippa K in the future?
An appreciation of aesthetics balanced and enhanced by functionality. A melting pot of cultural influences and inspiration, from the refined Scandinavian minimalism to an eclectic urban style.


5 styling tips for upcoming Autumn/Winter ?

Combining different shades of dark colors, oversized outerwear, backpacks, sneaker boots, no beard

**A huge thank you to Alexander Schaper and Filippa K, for always being so supportive and friendly.   You guys are truly amazing!

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