Floral Bomber | HELICOPTER







Bomberjackets went literally viral in late 2015 and early 2016.
With a huge variety of colours and styles, it became our best friend in hours of a fresh breeze, or just for an eyecatcher.

I personally love the fact that you can wear them in different variations to match your current appearance. Either classy and chic or urban and casual – they fit in everywhere!

When I went to the #NordicFashionHub at the Bikini Mall here in Berlin,
I met young designer Helga Lilja, and her label HELICOPTER from Iceland, who was more than ready and excited to show off some of her current styles and collections.

She revealed that her current inspiration comes from the jellyfish. The colours variated from blue to metallic green, white to dark sea blue and even a little pink was in there, to represent the range of colourpalettes in a jellyfish-nature.

But there was one piece, which totally caught my eye and heart in a very single second.
An oversized, floral patterned bomberjacket. It is made out of plastic coated woven wool, in order to make it rainresistant.

I just could not help myself, to immediately start thinking about how I could combine it. I could either wear it very everyday casual, for university, drinks with friends or whatever I want to do.
Or I could easily wear it as a pop-out item for a very classy outfit, in order to add a little colour and fun.

So here’s my/our result. Let me know what you guys think!

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