Snap your OB!


Photographic prints are an integral part of Orlebar Brown’s DNA. They tell their own stories and transport you to warmer climes and glamorous places.
Now you can get involved too!

Orlebar Brown is now offering a brand new “Design-Your-Own” service, that lets you print your favourite snaps onto your very own OB Photographic Swim Shorts.

With the new version of the #SnapShorts app, you can now take a picture or choose one from your library, upload, edit and purchase your unique swim shorts.

There are just four  short steps away from turning your vision into a reality with a pair of shorts in the length and size of your choice.
The simplified and intuitive design of the app lets you rotate, flip, scale and position the photo as you wish.
This is your opportunity to get creative, and while everyone loves a beach photo, it could also be a sketch or a pattern you’ve seen on your walk to work, a family memory or
a beautiful sunset.

To get a closer look into the app, check out this video here:

So get ready with a cool new swim short and be ready for a hot summer!

See you at the beach guys! xoxo

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