COSy with ACNE


What to pack for a weekend get-away?

That’s definitely a question everybody struggles with.

Due to my addiction for shoes and light but stylish summerwear, my luggage always turns out to be a total mess.
But not this time! I already kind of “planned” my outfits, ready for every weather condition.

It was a rainy but warm kind of weekend, so I wanted to grab my newest treasures with me!

I really just love those iconic Adrian silver-metallic Sneakers from ACNE Studios.
They are stylish, comfortable and a perfect eye-catcher for a little trip.

I combined my sneakers with a matching COS combination!
I simply love the pattern and the ability to wear it together without looking like a  wallpaper!
I combined it with a simple white shirt, and rosegold metallic sunglasses from Ray Ban to catch up on the metallic theme on my feet!

It was a perfect weekend and I think long-short combinations are totally en vogue right now.

Wanna learn more about ACNE Studios? Be prepared for my next post, where I got the chance to shoot in Berlin’s ACNE Studios Store and try on the newest collections.

See you guys!

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