Le petit déjeuner avec Le Slip Francais


While Audrey prefers to have her breakfast at Tiffanys, I love having my breakfast at home.

 I personally think there’s no better way to start your morning, by waking up in your bed and prepare your first coffee for the day, while wearing your favorite comfy clothes.

 And when it comes to comfort Le Toudou by Le Slip Francais is one of my favorite choices.

 Karl once said, that you lose control over your life when you’re wearing some cosy sweats.

But let’s be honest everybody, don’t we all love some sunny mornings in our comfy and wearable best friend?

So let Karl be Karl, and let us channel our inner Marie Antoinette, starting our days with sun, cakes and comfortable homewear.

Once again Le Slip Francais made me feel french in my own little Versailles.

With a french flag on my hips I’m gonna enjoy my homemade Crepes.

Embrace your homewear! Vive les Slip!

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