After two season’s, marked by new ownership and new creative leadership, the Italian fashion house „PAL ZILERI“ is back on track.

Guided by the concept of AVANT-CRAFT, a synthesis of an avant-garde outlook and generations of craft and tailoring knowledge, Mauro Ravizza-Krieger, the creative genius behind Pal Zileri has created a collection that will bring back the Italian fashion brand on the fast lane.

For this season, Mauro Ravizza-Krieger designed a Spring/Summer collection that continues the evolution of Pal Zileri with a bold leap into pattern and color inspired by the 20th-century kinetic and optical art.
He took circuit boards into patterns, mixed with punchy graphic shirts and techy jacquards that made some strong statement suits.

To create a campaign to match such an unconventional collection, Pal Zileri employed THE FOUNDATION VASARELY as the backdrop and Australian Actor XAVIER SAMUEL as the new face of the campaign.

Bringing together art, fashion and movie industry always had the potential to create new inspiration and aspiration to do the best you can do, and create new dynamic ways of thinking.

No wonder, the campaign is called “DYNAMO” because this season’s gonna be dynamic!


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