Hello 2016!


Hey guys!

I hope everyone of you had a good start into the new year, and you celebrated it just the way you wanted it to be!
There has been a lack of posts lately on this site, let me just explain why.
I’ve been to Amsterdam over NYE to connect with new brands and companies, shot a lot of pictures for upcoming posts and I really can’t wait to show it to you!
There’s so much planned and coming for this year and I really want to give you the best experience on this blog as possible!
There will be new sections, new ways to present outfits, guides for cities I love and travel the most to!
So be prepared for it and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

When the Christmas holidays come to an end,
all gifts unwrapped – candies banned.
a New Years Eve just around the corner to celebrate,
whether you like it, or whether you hate.


As Miss Sophie says: “Same procedure as every year, James!”
People get crazy that time, and calling names.
Where to celebrate,
what should I wear?
Most important question,
a sound in the air.


I told to myself: “This year I don’t really care.
Let’s go to Amsterdam,
the city of bikes, a never ending love affair.

With people I love, in a city I always feel warm,
I did celebrate New Years Eve in Amsterdam and I know this year is gonna be a blast,
just like a thunderstorm

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