Dr.Hauschka & Me(lissa)


As I am a huge fan of grooming for men and I do put much weight on quality, I figured out what’s best for my skintype and what I can keep up with.

A few posts earlier when I did a post about travel essentials, I introduced you guys to one of my favourite cosmetic companies: Dr. Hauschka.
Dr. Hauschka is well known in the cosmectics industry and I literally grew up, using their products in order to stay fresh, hydrated and giving my skin what it needs.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Hauschka personally invited me to see how they produce and develope their products before they go for sale worldwide.
I guess you can imagine how excited I was – to blog about a company in combination with my personal travel essentials, and now being sent on a travel with one of my favourite companies.

I packed my bags and visited the Dr.Hauschka Team down in the south of Germany.

Me and other bloggers had the privilege to be a part of the melissa harvest and create our very own melissa balm oil.

The team of Dr.Hauschka really put so much heart in love in everything they did for this special day.
They welcomed us with a nicely decorated long table to have a seat, an own station where we we’re able to get some fresh homemade lemonade, and a huge variety of homemade biscuits, snacks and delicious food.

Special about Dr.Hauschka is, that they produce everything on their own. They have a huge barn, what cows, pigs, and other animals call their home.
Besides the beautiful barn, they also do have an extraordinary beautiful botanic garden, with a huge variety of over 150 different kinds of plants and flowers, which are used for their products afterwards.

We were introduced to the farmer who reaps all of the biological ingredients to make an efficient and high quality product.

After we got the chance to reap melissa ourselves, we were taught how we produce our own melissaoil.

Thank you Dr. Hauschka for this unforgettable day with loads of love and fun. This definitely won’t be the last time we see us. You all did a great job and we could not have wished for better hosts as you were!

And here’s what’s exclusive for YOU!

You’re able to win 1 of 3 exclusive Dr.Hauschka Sets! Including some melissa day cream, a cleansing tonic water for your face, and another 2 special surprise products, directly chosen from the team of Dr.Hauschka!

What do you need to do now? Like + Follow my Instagram/Blog/Facebook and this specific post, and write down below, WHAT do you like most about maybe the products of Dr.Hauschka, or maybe this blogpost and WHY you should be a chosen winner! 🙂

The winner will be announced through Instagram and Facebook!
Be fresh, stay fresh and stay tuned! xoxo

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