Me, My Timberlands & I


Everybody knows it, everybody loves it. The Timberland 6Inch-Boot is not just an ordinary all-known boot, it’s literally a best friend through every kind of weather you may have to face.

Supposed to be a lifesaver in winter and stormy,rainy days – they’re also well seen in summer, combined with shorts and shirts.

April and May are famous for their quality in changing moods immediately and very quick, so I’m always very aware of what kind of shoes I am wearing.
As it was cold and rainy the last few weeks here, I decided to embrace the little cowboy in me, and decided to wear just a basic turtleneck cashmere pullover, and pulled up the country look a little more with a red and black flannel.

Combining those two basic items with my highly loved Timberland Boots, I really could go everywhere with this outfit. Ready for cities and landscapes, my Timb’s literally follow me everywhere.

Howdy Y’all!

PS: I am deeply sorry nothing really happened here the last weeks, BUT there are some amazing projects waiting for you and excite you and me a little bit more!
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