Following My Nature

DSC00889 Kopie.jpg

As I am a huge fan of traditions, I’d like to share one of my most intimate with you guys.
Every year I am returning to this beautiful Island, where somehow my roots and my profession of love takes place.
My dad used to go there every year when he was a kid and so do I. My granddad took me there the first time, and sadly he’s been took of us, without making the second.
Since then, my childhood memories on him and with him are rooted here, and I love to stare and sit for a while. Remembering how I grew up, what I achieved and what really matters.
And when I see the sun simmering down, hiding behind the horizon, I know that everything I do is for a reason, and I am here for a reason, too.

„I’ll never let you part – for you’re always in my heart“

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